Joy and curiosity delight the senses this summer as visitors experience Kiplin Hall like never before. The spirit of wonder, discovery and the unusual permeate the air during a journey through ambition to find ‘A Million Dreams’. The new exhibition is inspired by the playful P.T Barnum, as depicted in the blockbuster film The Greatest Showman, and Kiplin’s equally playful late Admiral Carpenter.   

The music and works on display aim to entertain and delight audiences. Curator of Kiplin Hall and Gardens, Sarah Mayhew Craddock, describes how the spirit of the song A Million Dreams from the film’s soundtrack links to Kiplin Hall, specifically Admiral Carpenter,  
“One verse, in particular, resonates with the same sense of joy and discovery that is intrinsically linked with the collection at Kiplin,  

There’s a house we can build, Every room inside is filled with things from far away. 

Special things I compile, Each one there to make you smile on a rainy day.   

Beautiful, fun, and curious objects from the Hall’s collection are highlighted on colourful cards in this exhibition. The objects on display have been gathered from far-flung places, and brought to Kiplin to delight and entertain family, friends, and guests. Visitors can wonder about the motivation to collect each object and share in the joy of discovering its history through conversations with volunteer room stewards. The formality of the historical house washed away and replaced with a celebratory atmosphere as visitors walk, dance and sing their way around the hall. Discovering treasures in each room as they explore.’  

A Million Dreams at Kiplin Hall provides a joyful day out for families, a chance to discover and explore the hall and grounds through these curious objects. Returning visitors will see, and hear, the hall in a new way. A Million Dreams runs from Saturday 29th June – Wednesday 11th September. Kiplin Hall is open 5 days a week, closed on Thursdays and Fridays. 

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